Hand Surgery Resource is a non-profit company committed to providing free information on diseases, disorders and injuries affecting the human hand.

We have great news!

We have established a partnership with Stony Brook University that lets you study a hand surgery topic, take an exam and earn 2 CME credits for $40.

Two topics are currently available for CME credits, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Osteoarthritis (SLAC Wrist). Study the applicable diagnostic guide, then complete our self-assessment exam to evaluate your knowledge. A grade of 70% correct is considered passing. The tests can be taken multiple times.

MD, PA or NP users may decide whether to take the test or take the test and apply for CME credit. Hand Surgery Resource has collaborated with the Stony Brook Medicine CME Office which will provide a certificate attesting to the earned CME credit. Successful completion of the CME test provides 2 CME credits.

with your Hand Surgery Resource account or to create a new account. Once logged in, you will automatically be taken to the Diagnoses page. Once there, click on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Wrist Osteoarthritis (SLAC Wrist).

The cost of the 2 credits is $40.

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This new web resource concisely presents the fundamental principles of hand surgery. All diagnoses that affect the hand are reviewed. All symptoms, signs, diagnostic testing and treatment options are supported with photographs, diagrams, imaging study examples, coding information and references.


The Hand Surgery Resource Newsletter keeps both Hand Surgery Resource and Hand Surgery Primer users up to date on site developments, additional learning opportunities and hand surgery resource's collaborations. It reviews our worldwide impact. All past editions are also available at any time.

Hand Surgery Primer

Hand Surgery Primer is a case-based educational site with eight mock patients. Each patient has a hand complaint. The differential diagnosis is provided with support materials that make learning easy and fun. Pre and post-tests allow students to quickly verify their understanding of these common hand complaints. Course performance tools are available for instructors.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is dedicated to hand surgery education. It provides succinct educational videos describing common hand problems, hand examination maneuvers, diagnostic studies, and surgical and non-surgical treatment choices. All videos provide links to our major web resource, Hand Surgery Source.