Hand Surgery Source

Examination of the Hand and Wrist Instructions

  • All diagnoses in Diagnosis List are links which open individual diagnostic chapters.
  • The test, exams, and signs listed in each diagnostic chapter are also links which take the user to the section for each test or exam. In each test or exam section the diagnostic links can return the user to the diagnosis chapter. In addition other diagnoses related to this specific test are also listed.
  • Body system links list the diagnoses related to that organ system.
  • Anatomic parts list diagnoses by anatomic structure. For example, under tendon all diagnoses related to tendon problems would be listed.
  • Congenital disorders list all diagnoses that are considered to have a genetic basis or are present at birth.
  • The symptom’s section allow the user to identify symptoms which then can be related to specific diagnoses or groups of diagnoses. The diagnosis links can then bring the user to each relevant diagnostic chapter.
  • In each section on the top right, the user will see 3 buttons with a varying size capital “A” in a box. Selecting a particular “A” button adjusts the font size for the user.
  • When viewing images in the diagnostic or testing sections there are often additional images that will be indicated by the presence of arrow buttons that appear.
  • If images are initially presented as small thumbnail views, this can usually be corrected by refreshing the browser.